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For more than 150 years, the railroad has been part of Utah. As part of the anniversary celebration of the meeting of the rails for the country’s first Transcontinental Railroad, we are collecting stories to celebrate this legacy and showcase the impact of this event on everyday Utahns. Was a member of your family part of the railroad workers who built the lines for the Central Pacific of Union Pacific? Have you or a member of your family worked on a Union Pacific train? Did you grow up in a railroad town in Utah? Do you have a special family event or memory that occurred on a train?

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Having grown up with the sounds of a close-passing freight, I felt my usual tug of nostalgia as I listened to one go barreling by that had me stopped at a Union Pacific railroad crossing. The ground-shaking rumble, the whine of iron wheels on rails, the creaks, rattles, and metallic squeals were all indelibly familiar. But some basic sound that used to be there, one just below the threshold of memory, was missing…. By Robert S. Mikkelsen, Growing up Railroad : Remembering Echo City

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