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Highlights of Spike 150 Media Coverage

ABC 4 - May 6, 2020

3,000 lb bronze statue called ‘Distant Thunder’ installed at Golden Spike National Park

A year ago thousands of people gathered in Promontory where the final spikes were hammered into the ground 150 years ago to mark the finish of…

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The New York Times - January 1, 2020

Stories About Equality that Gave Us Hope in 2019

At a time when hate crimes, inequality and white supremacy appear to be on the rise, these stories offered a little hope.

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Taiwanese American - June 17, 2019

Why This Taiwanese American Helped Tell the Story of Chinese Railroad Workers

Max Chang was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and is considered one of the first, if not first, Taiwanese Americans born in…

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The New York Times - May 22, 2019

A Coast-to-Coast Marriage of American Railroads

A president can get a lot done in Washington when a slew of congressmen — the ones who hate his guts — skip town for four…

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The New York Times - May 22, 2019

Learning With: ‘Chinese Railroad Workers Were Almost Written Out of History. Now They’re Getting Their Due.’

The first Transcontinental Railroad, completed in 1869, joined two railroads to connect the east and west coasts of the United States for the first time.…

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Northwest Asian Weekly - May 16, 2019

Remarks by U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao on the 150th Anniversary of the Golden Spike Ceremony

Today — at the 150th anniversary of the Golden Spike Ceremony marking the completion of the transcontinental railroad — is a day to commemorate the…

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Standard-Examiner - May 11, 2019

Video: Thousands gather at Golden Spike park to celebrate 150 years of the transcontinental railroad

Relive the completion of the transcontinental railroad at Promontory Summit at the Spike 150 celebration at the Golden Spike National Historical Park on May 10,…

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Xinhuanet - May 11, 2019

Feature: Chinese workers honored as U.S. celebrates 150th birthday of 1st transcontinental railroad

With replicas of historic steam locomotives whistling across north Utah on Friday, thousands of people came here to celebrate the 150th birthday of the first…

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RTE - May 11, 2019

Irish Immigrants Honored at US Railroad Commemoration

Irish immigrants have been remembered at an event in the US state of Utah celebrating the 150th anniversary of the 'Golden Spike', the moment when the First Transcontinental…

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LA Times - May 10, 2019

Golden Spike event celebrates the Transcontinental Railroad’s 150th anniversary

“Dot, Dot, Dot. Done!” That message, sent 150 years ago Friday by telegrapher W.N. Shilling from Promontory Summit, Utah, set off celebrations as the driving…

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Standard-Examiner - May 10, 2019

Golden Spike anniversary draws history buffs, Chinese Americans, more to Box Elder County

Classrooms made a field trip out of it, train buffs traveled from afar and a contingent of Chinese Americans from California came to pay their…

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National Post - May 10, 2019

Utah event celebrates Transcontinental Railroad anniversary

Music, bells and cannon fire rang out Friday at a remote spot in the Utah desert where the final spikes of the Transcontinental Railroad were…

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Reuters - May 9, 2019

Chinese-American pride celebrated in 150th anniversary of Transcontinental Railroad

Connie Young Yu says that when her parents joined a delegation of fellow Chinese-Americans attending a 1969 event commemorating the centennial of the first U.S.…

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Salt Lake Tribune - May 9, 2019

Utah students track 150 years of railroad history in graphic novels

Students in Kayse Fernandes’s fourth-grade class used to ignore the railroad tracks that run next to the freeway and along the outskirts of their city.…

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KSLTV - May 9, 2019

Union Pacific’s ‘Big Boy,’ ‘Living Legend’ Meet Ahead of Golden Spike Anniversary

Union Pacific’s rails don’t go up to Promontory anymore, which is why you get the early celebration in Ogden. Organizers say the trains meeting today…

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KSL - May 8, 2019

Utah unveils new copper spike for 150th anniversary of transcontinental railroad

One hundred and fifty years after the transcontinental railroad completion, Gov. Gary Herbert signed a bill that made a commemorative 10-ounce copper spike Utah’s official…

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Deseret News - May 5, 2019

2 plays put Chinese American workers center stage in Golden Spike 150 celebration

When Richard Chang got a call from his agent offering him a voiceover role in Bill Moyers’ docu-series “Becoming American: The Chinese Experience,” he didn’t…

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Salt Lake Tribune - May 4, 2019

12 ways the Golden Spike changed Utah and America forever

Completing the transcontinental railroad 150 years ago at Promontory Summit forever changed Utah and the nation — driving radical transformation in everything from the economy…

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Broadway World - May 3, 2019

Utah Symphony Continues With The Masterworks Series With Copland’s APPALACHIAN SPRING and BILLY THE KID

Experience the splendor of Aaron Copland's American masterpieces-the suite from the ballet "Billy the Kid" and Pulitzer Prize-winning "Appalachian Spring" on May 17 at 7:30 PM…

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