Spike 150 | Utah's Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Transcontinental Railroad
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Uniting A Nation

One of the most iconic and life-altering events in America’s history – the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad – happened in Utah on May 10, 1869. Spike 150 is organized to partner with all those celebrating the 150-year anniversary of the Golden Spike ceremony in Utah. Through a series of activities and events, the Spike 150 initiative aims to inspire, educate, and reflect on the Transcontinental Railroad legacy as it unifies Utahns to see that great things are possible with vision, hard-work, dedication, innovation, and collaboration.

Read an article from the Golden Spike Commission Co-Chair, Doug Foxley.
Countdown to Spike150

Spike 150 Events

Spike 150 is Utah’s celebration of the 150-year anniversary of the Golden Spike. In 2019 a year-long series of events throughout Utah and the nation, sought to unify, educate, inspire, and leave a legacy about this history.


Learn About the History of the Transcontinental Railroad

Two railroads become one in Utah. Learn about our history through an interactive website built by the Utah Department of State History.

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Golden Spike National Historical Park

Recently re-designated as a historical park, visitors to the Golden Spike National Historical Park can see the location of the Last Spike Site, 1869 railroad construction features, walk or drive on the original railroad grade, and get an up close view of Victorian era replica locomotives.

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Treasures of the Transcontinental Railroad

Take an audio tour of the Spencer Fox Eccles Treasure of the Transcontinental Railroad Exhibition and explore from start to finish the 1862 Pacific Railway Act to the 1869 last spikes at Promontory Summit.

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