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Golden Spike Monument will live at Golden Spike Park at Reeder Ranch, an 8-acre plot through which the original transcontinental line ran. The historic line features prominently in the landscape design. The Park offers walking connections to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, Golden Spike National Historical Park, and beyond.

About Golden Spike Park

Tiered seating near the monument will enable schools and cultural tour groups to learn about the history on site. Finally, a shaded plaza will offer travelers along Interstate 15 a place of respite when passing through the area.

The northern Wasatch Mountains that sit above Brigham City will be a prominent backdrop for the monument and the surrounding park. The mountains conceal and reveal themselves from varying views throughout the 8-acre park.

The park’s design will mold the landscape around the monument with the cuts and fills typically seen on the railroad. The shaping of the land is a subtle reminder that the line was built in the late 1860s mainly using manual labor.

Golden Spike Park features the original transcontinental line that ran to Promontory Summit. The historic line features prominently in the landscape design.


Park Walk Through Rendering

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